Super Cocina - Comida Casera Mexicana

Super Cocina is San Diego’s premier destination for authentic, home-style Mexican dining and catering. With an extensive and ever-growing menu of regional specialties, Super Cocina offers a wide breadth of Mexican cuisine to suit all tastes. If you’re looking for a caterer, our exotic flavors and exemplary service will ensure your event is a memorable one.
column1pic “Instead of city-slicker chef creations, you'll enjoy simple, spicy country food - mainly the astonishingly varied stews that are the mainstays of home cooking. There’s no professional chef here; these are the family dishes of local housewives from all over Mexico, who cook their favorites for the restaurant.” — Naomi Wise, San Diego Reader
column2pic “Operating without pretense and thriving ... the restaurant Super Cocina: Comida Casera Mexicana (Super Kitchen Homemade Mexican Food) is a sensational find. It offers Mexican food as it is meant to be - with all the right condiments, cooked to perfection.” — San Diego Union-Tribune
column3pic “Think you need to spend a bundle to eat authentic cuisine from another country? At Super Cocina, one can eat true Mexican home cooking for less than a ten spot. At any one visit you can choose from between 22 selections, all served cafeteria-style with rice, beans and homemade corn tortillas.” —